of GlobalComDir is a platform for news media marketing and We-media (facebook, WeChat, twitter, Instagramm, Pinterest and Weibo) marketing. integrates the world’s most popular news media and We-media, offering precise advertising and marketing service based on Internet and mobile terminals for global advertisers, especially for Chinese advertisers. provides one-stop Internet marketing global multilingual solutions, including integrated marketing, news marketing, Weibo marketing, newspaper publishing, forum marketing, social network marketing, video marketing, Weibo popular account, WeChat popular account, etc.

Without advertisement, people will not know the product no matter how good it is, and the copywriting cannot be spread no matter how attracting it is, and there will be no orders. provides advertisers with the following services:

1. Multilingual press release and soft advertisement writing, written by native-speaker professionals;

2. Press release and soft advertisement worldwide spreading (you may assign countries/cities or websites);

3. Multilingual videos making and spreading;

4. Various sustained and effective links with high quality;

5. Brand marketing plan performance feedback;

6. Dominating headlines of global media and social media in a short term.

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